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Spring is here and we are ready to go out into the streets and visit the plain of Veria, where every year the Blooming Peaches create the impression of a vast pink sea! It’s a unique phenomenon in the Greek countryside, comparable only to that of the blossomed cherry trees in Japan. It’s our local “Hanami”, a once in a year opportunity for us to enjoy and spend time among the flowers, to photograph them, film them and to be born again through the Spring vivacity of nature. We are pleased to announce this year’s Photo and Video contest “Blooming Peach Trees”, In the following link ………….  you can read in detail the categories of the competition prizes, terms, conditions and deadlines. The purpose of the photo contest is the lens of each contestant to catch the moment when the blooming peach trees are at their peak. This euphoria created in our soul by the spectacular sight we want to share all over Greece, through your pictures and videos!


TIP: This year, the phenomenon will occur between March 1 and March 20 (peaking from about March 7 to March 15).


Details of the competition categories, prizes, terms and conditions:



Entrance Submission: Each contestant can submit up to three (3) color or black and white photos. Each photo must be in jpg format (with exif data required) and the file must bear the contestant's surname and sequential numbering 1, 2, 3. (eg George Ioannou_1, George Ioannou_2, George Ioannou_3.). As a final The email you send should have a subject "Photo Contest".

Submissions to by April 24, 2020.

Awards of the Jury of Macedonian Artists Photographers Association Jury

  • 1st prize / FUJIFILM X-A5

  • 2nd prize / FUJIFILM XP-120

  • 3rd prize / FUJIFILM Instax mini


Special Category: FUJIFILM X-Photographers Award

  • 1st Prize / FUJIFILM X-A5 (see here)

This is a new category, with a panel of top FUJIFILM X-Photographers.


Special Category: People’s Choice Award

To join the Special Audience Award category, the process is simple:

  1. You only upload the photo to Instagram.

  2. You must use the hashtag # veriapeach2020 (you can add more hashtags, of course).

  3. Gather as many as you can!

The process will be completed on April 24, 2019, where the hashtag will be monitored by the posted photos. Photo With Most Like Wins!

  • Prize: FUJIFILM Instax mini (instant print)



Additional honors will be awarded. The award-winning photographs as well as those that will be distinguished will be printed and presented at a special awards ceremony and exhibition during the Rodakin Festival next June (exhibition opening June 12, 2020, Veria).



Lights… Camera… Action!!! Blooming Peaches are the source of inspiration and the link to showcase your directing skills. Each contestant may participate in one (1) video according to the following characteristics:

  • .mp4 format

  • up to 2GB in size

  • 1 to 3 minutes long

  • 720p to 1080p resolution

  • the file should bear the Contestant's Name

The video must be sent via we transfer or upload to any cloud and by sending the notification link to by April 24, 2020. The email must be subject to a "Video Contest".

  • 1st Prize / Prize: 100% Fellowship in three sections of the ESP e-learning program (worth € 900)

  • 2nd Prize / Prize: 50% Scholarship in three sections of the ESP e-learning program (worth € 450)

  • 3rd prize / prize: A FUJIFILM camera



  • All amateur and professional photographers have the right to participate.

  • Interested parties may participate in the contest with up to three (3) black and white photographs or color photographs. In the video category, they can participate in the contest with only one video.

  • Participants agree to send photos and videos between TOB, ESP and Fujifilm.

  • The photos that will be posted on social media for the audience award - may also be included in the competition for awards - discrimination of the jury.

  • The deadline for submission of projects is April 24, 2020. No further bids will be accepted.

  • The photos will be submitted in digital format ONLY at, and will be accepted in JPEG format (with exif data required). It is required to create a folder with NAME_POST where you will save the photos named after the first name and successive number 1, 2, 3. (eg George Ioannou_1, George Ioannou_2, George Ioannou_3).

  • Videos must be sent via we transfer or upload to any cloud and by sending the notification link to subject to the "Video Contest" email.

  • The photographic works and videos should be patronized by the participant and not distinguished from other competitions.

  • The results of the competition will be announced on 28 May 2020.

  • The cameras that will be awarded as competition prizes will be brand new with the guarantee of an official representative.

  • The award-winning photos, videos, and awards of this competition and the videos will be printed and presented during the Peach Festival, while appearing online on the TOB page.

  • The copyrights belong to the creators of the photos / videos.

  • The jury's decision is final and no objection or other claim is allowed.

  • The discounts offered on the tuition fees through this competition cannot be combined with any other offer on them.

  • A collection of the best videos will be presented alongside the "Blooming Peach" photography exhibit and in any part of it with their online promotion on the TOB, ESP, Fujifilm page and the official social media above.

  • The photos and videos of the participants can be used for the wider publicity of the competition and the purposes of the VERIA TOURIST GROUP by the TOV organizer. by any means and in any way without the right of another participant's remuneration and always by posting the creator's name.

  • Participation in the competition means acceptance of the above terms.

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